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Flight Training

How to Choose Your Flying School

Flying School usually known as FTO or Flight Training Organization is the place for students to start their Pilot Training Courses in a methodical and technical way.

It is very vital to focus on skills and techniques taught by the Instructors for beginners who are aspiring to become pilots, since a minor technique can save many things including your life.

Becoming a pilot is very simple, there are tons of Flight Training Academies train pilots within a short period, but end of the course there are so many missing lessons and not offering proper training.  So you have to choose a Flying School which makes you an Aviator and not just a pilot. Piloting includes Aviate – Navigate and Communicate.

Picking the right flying school is not hard, also it is not easy as you think. There are thousands of FTOs around the world to choose with different and customized training programs.  Before you walk through the list of flying schools you should decide what are your exact plan and your specific needs.

At times there are flying schools are in high standard and suddenly it drops due to various issues, such as financial issues / change of management / change of good instructors / aircraft accidents and incidents etc.

Set your goal:

  • Flying for passion or to make your living out of flying.
  • Which type of program you are willing to take over
– Modular Pilot Training Program
– Integrated Pilot Training Program

 10 Points to consider before you finalize your Flight Academy:

  1. How many serviceable aircraft are there in the school, *not just the number of aircraft… but Serviceable
  2. How many instructors per aircraft – minimum there should be 1 instructor per aircraft.
  3. How many students are there in the queue (enrolled).                                                              > Student : Aircraft ratio should be  15: 1 (Max 15 students per 1 Aircraft)                          > Student : Instructor ratio should be 6: 1 (Max 6 students per 1 instructor)
  4. Always talk to a Flight Instructor before you get enrolled, do not make your decision just after talking to the management or to the marketing office.
  5. If possible physically visit the premises and have a look on the class rooms, hanger area and the aircraft.
  6. Try to get in touch with a student and get information, who is already flying with the academy.
  7. Talk to the particular Authority (CAA) and inquire about the intended academy.
  8. Always get a written note about the total course fee.
  9. Prioritize “pay as you fly” payment method schools, if you pay the whole course fee upfront – you have no control over your money and you are locked up.
  10. And compare the above points with many flying schools.